Hair is my creative medium! It is my job to figure out how to work with each unique color and texture to create different looks for all of my clients. I love makeovers or transformations. Every woman is beautiful in her own way. I like to help her find radiance and confidence! I am a redhead. My red hair is my signature. My style is both classic and eccentric.

First and foremost I love what I do. Every minute of it!
I spend a lot of time listening to my clients needs, wants, and goals. I look at an entire client’s lifestyle, face and body structure to determine the right color and cut that will be simple for them to maintain.

I look to the environment for inspiration both artificial and natural. My eye is constantly searching for inspiration which can come from hiking in the woods, gardening and raising chickens… to social media, high/street fashion and magazines. It’s almost as if opposites attract and complement each other.

I also spend a lot of time keeping up with the trends to bring them back to the salon to educate my clients as to what is current.

I believe that our life should be our workout. Being physical such as gardening and touching the earth or building something, creates such satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. This creates balance in our bodies and minds.