"Beauty comes in all different forms and I believe in finding that in my clients representing it in my work. Everyone is unique in their personality, preferences and lifestyle which calls for an individualized service for each of my clients. Whether we are looking to achieve natural and low-maintenance or something vibrant and edgy, I put emphasis on listening first and then communicating and confirming the look we are going for.

Continuous education is a top priority of mine. I browse Instagram and Pintrest regularly and have attended hands-on classes, product education, watched exclusive videos and much more to further my skills. What inspires me the most are the stylists here. We are all constantly discussing trends, techniques, and ask each other for opinions to better ourselves as stylists and as a team.

I also like to change up my look often. My hair has been all sorts of rainbow colors which I adjust my clothing and makeup to match. I am not afraid of expressing myself through my appearance."