I have knowledge and skill with almost every aspect of hair design. I've traveled and worked behind the scenes at shows. But my true love is behind the chair, one on one with my clients. If I excel at one thing it would have to be short cuts. I love them!

I find my inspiration in many different forms. First and foremost from nature. There is an endless supply of beauty and inspiration to be found in the world. Secondly, but not far behind, I find my inspiration in each of my clients. I love the connection I am able to make with every person I meet. Through inquiry and conversation I am able to connect with people in a way that allows me to gain insight into how each person wants to present themselves to the world. Each person is special and it is my desire for everyone to feel as beautiful on the outside as they are in the inside. My personality is fun, quirky, engaging and caring. I am truly in my bliss being able to be artistic and making amazing, long lasting connections with people. All in a day's work!